Best Easter Gifts from EscapeWelt: Unique, Eco-Friendly, and Creative Easter Gift Ideas

What gifts are given on Easter? Traditionally, chocolates and sweets are included in the Easter basket. However, we at EscapeWelt excel in making an Easter gift truly unforgettable with our unique, eco-friendly, and handcrafted puzzles. Discover the top 5 Easter gifts for her, for him, and for the whole family.

All options presented are 100% BIO, crafted from wood, and meticulously hand-assembled. There's only one question left - is your Easter basket ready for these eco-friendly Easter gifts? :)

The Orbital Box is one of the most popular puzzle boxes in the EscapeWelt puzzle line. Created with a captivating space theme, this wooden puzzle box is filled with engaging riddles. It's a perfect family-friendly Easter activity; once you've solved them all, you'll gain access to a large secret compartment.

The beauty of this gift lies in its versatility; you can preload this compartment with chocolate eggs and small surprises to delight your kids and family. And even after the puzzles are solved, and the compartment is empty - you can reassemble the puzzle box and pass it on as a sustainable Easter gift. Organize a real challenge - who can reach the sweet gift inside faster?

Fort Knox PRO: Hold in your hands an unusual puzzle box - it's the legendary safe that you must crack yourself to retrieve the hidden Easter treats inside. It encourages logical thinking and problem-solving, making it an ideal Easter gift for him – imbued with wealth and luck.

The QUEST PYRAMID breaks the mold, offering a gift they definitely won't expect to receive for Easter. The unusual shape and Egyptian-themed riddles transport you on an exciting adventure, making it a thrilling Easter gift for adults and kids alike. And don’t forget to hide a few Easter chocolate eggs inside for a sweet surprise!

Wooden Secret Boxes offer a novel twist on traditional packaging. Assemble the puzzle yourself and conceal your gift inside. Each box is a mini-adventure, requiring about 15-20 minutes to solve. Available in three designs, they make the best gift for her, blending beauty, challenge, and functionality.

The CRYPTEX is another atmospheric puzzle from EscapeWelt, perfect for fans of mystery and history. Inspired by the "Da Vinci Code," this cryptex allows you to create your own Easter riddle and hide a gift inside, making it a memorable and interactive Easter gift.

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